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St. Nacho's

St. Nacho's (St. Nacho's, #1) - Z.A. Maxfield Cooper is a man whose life weighs heavily on his shoulders, he's on the road and stops for what he thinks is his usual three days in a small California town. He finds a job, meets a man and settles in more than he ever expected to and decides to extended those three days against his better judgement and see what happens. Oh the angst here, Cooper is just rolling in it and it's killer. Thankfully, there's an underlying sweetness to the story as he slowly learns to forgive himself and comes to accept that he deserves to be happy and find love with Shawn. I really enjoyed the Cooper/Shawn dynamtic and the layer that Shawn's deafness brought to his relationship with Cooper and how it compelled Cooper to view his life from a different angle when seen through that altered perspective.Things are merrily rolling along a rather bumpy road when we cue the phone call that changes everything. Cooper pulls out of town, leaving behind everything he's coming to appreciate and love and heads home to a bad, bad situation.It was incredibly upsetting to me this decision that Cooper made to leave and support his friend, very upsetting. After being so happy with Shawn in California it was just so hard to see him try to make things work back home. That situation with Jordan was just so screwed up and sad, almost more angst here than what I could handle. I loved how things turned out at the end. I LOVED that Shawn came for his guy and wouldn't leave without him and how he let Cooper and everyone in the town know that Cooper belonged to him and with him. Gorgeous!This was a wonderfully angsty book and one that's deeply and sweetly romantic. I really enjoyed it and I'll be checking out the others in the series.