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Sticks & Stones (Cut & Run Series)

Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I'm continuing with my Cut&Run marathon. Sticks & Stones really helps to flesh out some aspects of the Ty Grady character for me. There is so much more to learn about him but meeting his family really gave me some insight into who this man is and I really enjoyed that. I really hope that we get to see those kind of family dynamics with Zane in an upcoming book. Road trip to Texas please!I love Ty's brother Deacon. He has such a strong presence in this book and the relationship between the brothers is really fun to watch. Also, seeing both of them react to their father was something that I enjoyed getting the chance to see. I am not happy with Earl Grady. He needed to man up and apologize to his son for what he said. I'm pissed that he didn'tOne thing that I really liked about this book. Ty and Zane aren't in sync. They are partners but they're losing touch and reading about that is hard. I want these guys to be happy but they're not in that place yet. For that reason this was a difficult book to read but I love seeing how they're feeling out their relationship. I love LOVE that Deuce knows about them and tried to help them both with understanding each other and tried to get them to better places emotionally. I need more Deuce!This was a great second book in the series. Characterization stayed on point. Dialogue flowed and the storyline was strong. We didn't get a perfect partnership for Ty&Zane and I loved that, it was rocky and they had to work at it and still have to work at it. Their chemistry remains smoking hot but we also get those killing tender moments that I adored in the first book. Just as good several reads later.