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Cherish (Faith, Love & Devotion)

Cherish - Tere Michaels 4.5I LOVE Matt and Evan. Love them. I really enjoyed seeing where these two men are at in their lives so this was a wonderful and unexpected treat for me. The chemistry between them remains explosive but tempered with tenderness and quite a bit of love. This is a novella, only 88 pages and focuses on the Miranda, the eldest Cerelli daughter, bringing home her fiance and his parents to meet Evan and the family for the first time during the Thanksgiving holiday.I did not like Miranda. I'm not a fan of drama for drama's sake and she really pushed it here. She's the oldest child but least mature of them all. I really enjoyed how Matt and Evan handled the holiday and I love Matt's relationship with the other kids in the family. This was a great little slice of life piece. I worry that Evan is working too much still but he and Matt have a system that works for them and works quite well. I love their idea of a couple's activity, so very them.This was really a wonderful read and a must read for fans of the series. Recommended!