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Keeping Sweets

Keeping Sweets - Cate Ashwood 4.5 So damn good. Will come back later with a review.**I'll just right out and say that rentboys and porn based stories are my least favourite tropes to read about. That being said, Cate Ashwood did a stellar job of making me appreciate this storyline. We have Evan, a lonely sweet young man looking to earn some extra money for college and Bran, a lonely jaded porn star who, at 27, is getting old for the business. Bran and his business partner hire Evan as part of a summer house porn shoot but Bran is leery of getting the younger man entrenched into the business.Reading this gave me a real sense of actual porn shoots. Which was something I've never really felt with other books with similar themes and I found that quite interesting. I really enjoyed the chemistry that Evan and Bran had, they were so good together. I'd really enjoy to see another book in the series centered around Colt, because he needs a HEA. While I found the story fascinating and the characters well fleshed out with natural dialogue there was one part that I have to say bothered me. I loved the drama near the end when Evan and Bran both fell apart after their break-up but they almost were too into each other for their happiness, if that makes any sense. I wanted them to be hurt but not to be broken past the point of no return if they never saw each other again.Great book though and I'm really looking for more from this author.