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Night Shift

Night Shift - Kim Fielding 3.5This is a simple story about an ex-con, Aiden, re-integrating himself into society after being released from prison. He's the night shift janitor at a hotel and lives a very quiet life. He has a parole officer who really believes he can makes positive changes in his life and she pushes him to improve himself. He meets and begins a torrid affair with the new hotel security guard, Luka, who is a bit of an enigma. There are a few hints along the way as to what he actually is, so the reveal didn't come as any big surprise. This is just more Aiden's journey to keep his sobriety and expand his life a bit. Actually, you know, that's not true. We learn quite a bit about Luka and his struggles. He's a rich character in his own right. He has a sad story though.I liked this, it was quirky and the men were a good fit. Lots of sex here and the reason why is quite interesting. If you're looking for a quick little paranormal read with a bit of twist, look no further.