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Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (The Three, #1)

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky  - Kristen Ashley Wow. A miracle has happened I've read the first Ashley book that I don't like. I did not like Leah AT ALL. She was an infant and a spoiled one at that with entitlement issues. I felt incredibly bad for Lucien, he was an interesting character and had he actually met his match this would have been a much better read.As it was, it took away any slight enjoyment I could have had with this book to have to constantly read about Leah's childish, manipulative antics. She was 40 going on 12 and was proud of it and other characters putting up with her attitude deserved medals. Total cat on a leash. Lucien is lifemated to this diva idiot? Poor Lucien. Feel for you buddy, that's gonna be a long haul.The world building was okay but I definitely prefer Ashley's contemporary works so I'll go back to devouring those instead.