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Take My Picture

Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis OMG, love this book and LOVE these characters.I want more from this author and more story about Moz and Flip. So much more, it was too short but even with that it was so fulfilling. It was a rollercoaster and there was a moment where I had to put the ebook down because of the intensity. I almost felt like Joey in the Friends episode where he had to put Little Women in the freezer because he was upset about Beth. I loved their banter, I loved their relationship and I felt like Alyson who knew these two guys were meant for each other but they just couldn't get to that point. The frustration level is incredibly high here but only because you want good things for these men.It's so wonderful. So many of their interactions just made me want to melt but it never came across as too sugary, it was just right for me. One of the best reads I've had this year.