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Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2)

Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2) - K.A. Mitchell Eli, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Unexpected daddy kink here but it was smoking hot and it really, really worked for these guys.This book has some incredibly hot sex between the awesome Elijah and ex-sailor now history teacher Quinn. Lots of family drama and Quinn's ex is such an asshole. I cannot believe how horrible he is to both Quinn and his family.We see both Nathan and Kellan again. Protective of Eli which is good but still Kellan is all "you gay guys" which induced much eye-rolling with me.I love the relationship build between Eli and Quinn. They're perfect for each other and this was a fun read despite the high drama. Eli's reasoning for dating older men over guys his own age was perfect and I'm glad he and Quinn found each other. Great read. If you like stories that have older men with younger men with a fun twist of kink I think you'd really like this one. It is a part of a series but starting with this one and skipping the first wouldn't put you in the dark.