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Anchored (Belonging, #1)

Anchored (Belonging, #1) - Rachel Haimowitz 2.5I've been thinking about this one and had to drop my rating on it. I continue to really enjoy the world building but this is in no way a book about equals.Daniel is a slave and will always be a slave. I don't really fault that but boy did I have an issue with Carl, the freeman who leased Daniel as his companion. He was so incredibly petulant and bitchy that the more I think about it the more pissed off I get about it. I found that because of Carl's childish attitude Daniel was gang raped. I really found the rape to be gratuitous and it broke Daniel which made me so angry. Daniel, when leased, was obviously disturbed and upset about it but rather than just speak to him about what he expected Carl put into play events that led to the assault on Daniel. The appliance conversation was true to how I felt Carl saw Daniel as, just a pretty fuck toy. I had no real understanding about Carl and that never really changed or me by the end of the book.I guess this is a HFN but I have no trust that Carl will continue to lease Daniel in the future and that made me sad. I found the second book in the series more to my taste.