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By His Rules

By His Rules - J. A. Rock This book was a bit Jekyll and Hyde for me. I found the first half of it almost unbearable to read and came pretty close to DNF'ing it but was too curious to see how Aiden was going to get himself out of the hell he was in to stop reading. I guess this was just too hardcore for me, the barrage of degredation and humilation just felt endless and hopeless.Aiden's reason for finally leaving Scott just felt inauthentic and forced, just as his reasons for staying. Those few times that Scott was shown to be a sympathetic character just didn't work for me and felt like an artificial attempt to give him layers. I picked up this book for the domestic discipline storyline. I've read other books with that subject matter and have really enjoyed them. While I did enjoy the second half of the book better with Keaton it still had problems for me. Aiden just felt too much like a completely different character to me, for him to go from extreme pain slut to brat was just confusing. The whole brat concept does work for me but I had a hard time relating that to what I knew of Aiden from the first half of the book. Keaton didn't come as a strong top either and he almost seemed to be playing the role as much as Aiden did in his earlier club roles. Knowing kind of what he wanted but ultimately not strong enough to make me believe things will work out with the two of them in the end. Sometimes the relationship worked for me and other times Aiden pulled the strings too much. This just didn't end up being a book that I enjoyed. There were concepts and moments that I liked but ultimately the extreme D/s of the first half and the tentative domestic discipline of the second just felt too at odds with each other to make for a cohesive whole. Not a book I can recommend.