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One True Thing

One True Thing - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea Dustin is adorable in this book. I loved him in [b:One Small Thing|13186809|One Small Thing (One Thing, #1)|Piper Vaughn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327464763s/13186809.jpg|18367666] and was hoping for an HEA for him so I've been waiting for his story.This could be a standalone but I'd really recommend you read the first book in the series to get to know Dusty and his roommates: Rue, Erik, and their daughter Alice. This is just a few months after the crew has moved to California. Dusty's feeling a bit like a third wheel and tries to find some new friends and looks for the mysterious hottie he met on his second day in California. He runs into Archer, who he thinks is the mystery man, but is actually the indentical twin brother of the man he's looking been looking for, hijinks ensue. I was actually really worried that Archer was going to take advantage of Dusty but I'm glad that Dusty's instincts ran true and he knew that something was wrong. I cannot believe what an asshole Archer was to both Dusty and Asher.Things get straightened out but there are still quite a few bumps in the road for the cute couple. The POV flips between the two men and I found I really enjoyed getting into both of their heads. I think I like this story most when everyone is just hanging out and doing their thing. Every day little things. Having dinner, decorating apartments, birthday parties. The story starts to get a bit intense later again due to the Archer's antics. I don't know that he got off scott free but I'm not sure he really understood what he did was wrong. Bit of a bastard.Asher and Dusty have lots of chemistry and that pulls you from the first time they exchange glances to the troubles they face down the road. I was rooting for things to work out for them and I really liked how they talked with each other and tried to solve the problems that both of them were experiencing. I loved seeing Rue, Erik, and Alice again. Loved it and loved seeing the family they're building with Dusty and now Asher. So sweet. Great book two in the series. I'm not sure where book three will be going but I'm looking forward to it.