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The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell 4.75The best thing that happened to Emory was being left at the altar. He goes on his honeymoon in Thailand and meets a photographer who is also on holiday. They become friends, chums, pals, companions for the remainder of their time there and just maybe more than that but with the holiday over and real life back in swing there's no chance for them to ever cross paths again...or is there. I loved being in Emory's head. He is so clever and snarky and fun. This is a wonderful read. Nate, the photographer, is a great character as well. Who has a very real and poignant storyline of his own to work through here. The secondary characters are fleshed out as well, I especially loved the stoic Hal and the completely awesome Linn. There is a lot of emotion here and fantastic chemistry. Recommended.