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Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories)

Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories) - Con Riley I enjoyed this more than I expected to, it took me a long time to warm up to Aiden though. I found myself really frustrated with him for long chunks of the story...his anger, his martyrdom, his disconnection. I wanted someone to shake him. I was glad to see him begin to let go of his issues and accept that he can't do everything by himself. It made him a much more likeable character for me especially when he got over his Joel snit which has been bothering me for two books.The story jumped around a lot which I found odd. I had a hard time not skipping ahead because it was frustrating dealing with the back and forth. I kept with this one more for Marco. I really loved him, he was charming.I don't see this as a standalone as many characters' stories overlap and make cameos. I found this one not as good as the first in the series but better than then second for me.