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The Gravedigger's Brawl

The Gravedigger's Brawl - Abigail Roux This is a ghost story first and foremost. Romance and relationships definitely play second fiddle here but this is good creepy fun. Roux writes such fun dialogue and she creates very solid, likeable characters. I almost wish this story had focused on Noah and Caleb, they were the secondary relationship here after Wyatt and Ash and I really enjoyed it when they were on the page. I would have loved a more detailed look at the two of them. While Wyatt and Ash were interesting I felt that their romance wasn't as strong as the Noah/Caleb one. There was the screw up right at the beginning that led to the constant back and forth that went on a bit too long for me. Of the two of them I'd have to say that Ash was pretty cool. I would have loved a deeper understanding of both characters with more background on them for me to really root for them together. The best part of this story were the ghosts. This book really freaked me out in places. Lots of suspense and disturbing situations that really worked for me, it was atmospheric and creepy. This is a beautifully written book but a bit too light on the characterization and the romance for me to really love it. Read it for the fabulous plot, it's definitley relationship light but the characters are finely written and the dialogue is snappy.