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How to Raise an Honest Rabbit (Knitting Series)

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit (Knitting, #2) - Amy Lane 4.5I found the first book in this series cute. This one? Just about ripped my heart out. It had cute moments but wow, Jeremy No Last Name made my heart hurt with all the things he did and his inner voice. The peanut butter, his reaction to the dinner invitation, the mittens in the safe!!! The. Mittens. In. The. Safe.I loved how Aiden was there all through this prodding at Jeremy. Teaching him and being his friend and kicking his ass when he needed it. Will of iron indeed. I loved this book. I loved the overlapping story from book one. I'm not sure how book two fits into this series or if it's connected only through the knitting theme but I'm waiting on book 3 and the story of Johnny and Stanley.