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One Night Ever After - Elle Brownlee, Elizah J. Davis, Tere Michaels

Just a Drive by Tere Michaels 4.5


My favourite story of the anthology. Wyatt and Benji have a one night stand and just as Wyatt is sneaking out the next morning he gets a panicked phone call from his foster sister. He needs to get to her and Benji offers to give him a ride. The result is probably the most awkward morning after ever. 


Wyatt is a bit of player and he likes it that way and he thinks Benji is one thing but then finds out he has his own secrets. I love how Wyatt is forced to acknowledge that Benji is more than just a fun lay. There was an unexpected emotional component here and the very beginnings of a well earned HFN/HEA. Loved this one.


Just a Stranger by Elle Brownlee 3.25


Michael and Andrew meet months later after they had met in a club and had a one night stand. A misunderstanding leads to the reunion being a tense one but that doesn't last long and the relationship moves at a slow, steady pace. This was the sweetest story of the bunch. Kids and puppies. HEA


Just a Weekend by Elizah J. Davis 4.0


Devin plays white knight when he rescues James from falling into the trap of sleeping with his ex and charms him into taking home his saviour instead. One night of hot sex with expectations of more when the pair become snowed in comes to a crashing halt when James' sister-in-law drops off her daughters the next day. This turns into a fun babysitting day and the men slowly get to know each other outside the bedroom. I adored how James thought he was boring but Devin was charmed by him and called him Mr. Darcy. A HFN but definitely could see it become a HEA. 


Overall I found the stories in this anthology quite good. I confess to enjoying the snark over the sweet though but all are well worth the read.