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Calling all m/m veterans!

Reblogged from Moss, of the division Bryophyta.:

If you could go back in time -- knowing what you know now -- to the dewy days when you first discovered m/m, what do you think you would give your younger self to read?  What would be the best launching pad for you to get into m/m?


Would you give yourself the Adrien English series? Or start with Vic and Jacob from Psycop? Or maybe you know you were secretly into alien dub-con even back then and some hot tentacle read right at the start would have cut down all that wandering through the genre? 


Maybe you wouldn't change a thing.  In which case, what did you start off with?


A fandom friend of mine is about to start reading published m/m and I'm her Gandalf, leading her through Moria.  It got me thinking about my own reading journey and what it might have looked like if I knew what I know now. 


What are your drums in the deep, friends?